Teeth Crowding

What causes teeth crowding?

Most of the time, teeth crowding or alignment problems are caused by inadequate space. If there is not enough space for all of the teeth, they find the path of least resistance. This can cause teeth crowding problems.

Does teeth crowding get worse over time?

Yes! As we get older, the crowding of our teeth (especially the lower front teeth) does usually worsen. This is due to normal tooth up-righting over time. With or without orthodontic treatment, teeth continue to move when we are adults. This is why we recommend retainers after all orthodontic treatment .

Why should I fix tooth crowding?

Teeth crowding can make it difficult to maintain healthy teeth and gums. With teeth crowding, it can be difficult to brush and floss regularly which can lead to gum disease and bleeding gums. In rare cases, teeth crowding can also cause uneven wear or chipping of the teeth.

Because our goal is to give you both straight AND healthy teeth, you should continue to see your dentist every 6 months during all orthodontic treatment for regular dental cleanings and checkups.

What is the best way to treat teeth crowding?

There are many orthodontic options to fix teeth crowding. At Vac Orthodontics, we offer many different treatment options including braces (both clear and metal braces) as well as clear aligners (such as Invisalign). After the crowding is corrected, you will need orthodontic retainers to prevent any relapse of the crowding.

How long does it take to fix teeth crowding?

Treatment with braces or Invisalign does vary based on the individual. It can vary from just a few months in minor tooth crowding cases to over a year with more severe crowding. If you had braces as a child or teen and have noticed minor shifting, there are lots of options to fix this crowding without extensive orthodontic treatment.

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